We have included all of NYC, plus Nassau, Suffolk, and Westchester Counties. (There are no publicly available rehabbers in Rockland County.) To use this spreadsheet, first determine if you have a...

  • RVS SPECIES: bat, racoon, or skunk

  • SMALL MAMMAL: squirrel, fox, chipmunk, rabbit, etc.

  • LARGE MAMMAL: deer, bear, moose, etc.

  • REPTILE OR AMPHIBIAN: turtle, snake, salamander, frog

  • PASSERINE BIRD: robin, bluebird, cardinal, wren, finch, etc.

  • RAPTOR: owl, falcon, eagle, hawk, osprey

  • GAMEBIRD: turkey, pheasant, grouse

  • WATERFOWL: duck, goose, swan, brant


On the spreadsheet, you will see tabs at the bottom for each type of animal listed above. Click on the tab, and then begin contacting rehabbers in your area. If you find disconnected phone numbers, or emails bounce back, please let us know so we can remove their name from our database.

Photo credit ShainA fishman

Photo credit ShainA fishman

If you are a rehabber who would like your name and contact info added or removed from this list, just shoot us an email! 

You can also try finding a rehabber or center via this site: