Adair Moran

Co-founder, Board Member, Social Media and Outreach Director


Adair is a New York State Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator (Class I) with Rabies Vector Species training. She has been volunteering her time to animal welfare causes since childhood, and she is co-author of the book Main Street Vegan. Adair has been working with wildlife since 2011, including employment as a wildlife rehabilitator, animal care manager, and educator at the Wild Bird Fund in New York City. Adair is also heavily involved in the arts and works professionally as an actress and stunt performer; she is a graduate of the Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre conservatory program.

Catherine Wolfe

Co-founder, President and Director of Animal Care

Cathy is a NY State Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator (Class I) with Rabies Vector Species training. She has been working in the field of wildlife rehabilitation since 2005; she has a Bachelor's degree in Environmental Studies with a specialization in Conservation from the University of Colorado, Boulder. Cathy received a wildlife rehabilitator license, including RVS licensing, while living in Colorado and Australia. Cathy started her wildlife career at Greenwood Wildlife rehabilitation center in Colorado where she helped shape their current program.  She was the first Mammal Nursery Manager and her job included training volunteers and staff, writing protocols, and releasing incalculable numbers of successfully rehabilitated wildlife.

Mai Lionni Guss

Co-founder, currently on sabbatical for Graduate School


Mai is a NY State Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator (Class I) who grew up in Manhattan just down the block from the famous New York red-tailed hawk Pale Male. That proximity to such incredible wild creatures inspired her from an early age.  Mai has been working with animals since childhood, starting as a wrangler and caring for farm animals on a horse and cattle ranch, volunteering with a feral cat continued care and rescue organization, and most recently helping to rescue, rehabilitate and re-release wildlife in New York.  She studied Media and Communications and East Asian Studies at Ursinus College.

Zhong Huang

UUWR Rehabilitator and Secretary of the Board

In addition to a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Biology from Connecticut College, Zhong is a New York State Licensed Veterinary Technician and Wildlife Rehabilitator (Class I). She has been working with wildlife since 2009. She has varied experiences with many species of wild birds, mammals, and turtles from the small songbirds to the large Peregrine Falcons and from tiny field mice to porcupines. She has volunteered hundreds of hours as a wildlife rehabilitation intern in Maine to not only care for the wild animals, but to standardize turtle and squirrel husbandry protocols. She managed and trained staff and volunteers at the Wild Bird Fund while developing and establishing protocols, charts, and instruction manuals that are still in use today. She developed and taught Wild Bird Fund’s first annual baby songbird feeding and husbandry classes. Zhong currently works as a full- time licensed veterinary technician at an AAHA accredited animal hospital while working as a home-based wildlife rehabilitator who specializes in raising neonatal Eastern cottontail rabbits.

Jenny Topolski

UUWR Rehabilitator and Treasurer

Jenny Topolski is a Class II New York State Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator and has completed the state Rabies Vector Species course. Her full-time work is as an independent jeweler and small business owner of Topolski Jewelry. Jenny is also the creator of the squirrel necklace, some profits of which benefit UUWR. Many of her pieces have a charitable component, helping environmental and animal groups.

Christopher Joya

UUWR Board Member and Education Director


Chris is a New York State Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator (Class I). Having worked in the field of wildlife rehabilitation for the past five years at the Wild Bird Fund, he brings to the board his background in wildlife biology and education. He has a B.Sc. in Biology & Environmental Studies from University at Buffalo (SUNY), a MA in Conservation Biology from Columbia University, and recently graduated from Pace University with a MST in 7-12 Science Education, as part of the New York City Teaching Fellows Program. He has worked with various wildlife species, his favorite being predatory animals - though recently, rabbits, squirrels, and reptiles have captured his heart. Currently, Chris works as a middle school science teacher in Brooklyn, teaching his students about wildlife and wildlife medicine, while also working to improve his rehabilitation knowledge of mammals, reptiles, and other herps.