To determine if a reunite is possible, first check:

  • Is the baby visibly injured or badly bleeding? (more than a scratch or two from the fall)

  • Is it very cold to the touch? (Baby squirrels should feel warm.)

  • Is there a dead parent nearby?

  • Are there flies or maggots on the baby or in any of its orifices?

  • If yes to any of these, contact us or another wildlife rehabilitator.

Finding baby squirrels on the ground, then creating and hanging a nest.

If no, try to reunite the baby with its mother.

  • If you have found a single baby check the area for any siblings.

  • Place the baby in a small box surrounded by soft material (fleece or similar), with instant hand warmers or a tightly sealed hot water bottle.

  • Place the box near where the baby was found, preferably mounted as high as possible off the ground (wire or string can be used to affix the box to a tree).


Watching mom come get her babies

  • Leave the area and observe from a distance- a mother squirrel won't return if people are nearby. The mother squirrel should return to retrieve her baby within a few hours. If the nest was destroyed, the mother will build a new one before returning for her babies.

  • Before giving up, play the baby squirrel calls at the bottom of this page which will help the mother find the baby. There are many more of these you can find on YouTube as well. They work extremely well!

If the mother squirrel still does not return, retrieve the baby, keep it in a warm place, and contact a wildlife rehabilitator. Do not try to feed or give water to the baby squirrel. Feeding a baby squirrel without the proper supplies and training can be fatal to the baby. Baby squirrels require a very specific diet and care protocol (most of the DIY recipes you can find online are extremely inappropriate for their proper development), as well as the fact that it is illegal to possess wildlife in NY without a license.

HUGE thanks to Cruzzin with Crystal for following the reunite instructions perfectly, then also letting us share their videos!